Using delaboratory for CMYK skin tone enhancement

Submitted by kofa on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 22:04

One of the reasons to shoot raw is better control over colours, including white balance. I've been using Rawtherapee ( and darktable ( on Linux to develop my raw photos. Unfortunately, neither of those tools support the CMYK colour space, which is considered by many to be a great tool for skin tone enhancement [reference needed]. This is where a surprisingly small and simple yet capable tool called delaboratory enteres the picture (pun intended).

Exposure matching calculator

function ImageProperties(expCorrStops, iso, aperture, shutter){ this.expCorrStops = expCorrStops; this.iso = iso; this.aperture = aperture; this.shutter = shutter; this.amplification = function(){ return Math.pow(2, this.expCorrStops); } this.effectiveIso = function(){ return this.iso * this.amplification(); } this.apertureArea = funct

Kata is a Java girl

Submitted by kofa on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 22:19

Our younger daughter, Kata, is a Java girl. If you ask her to put something down or stop playing with something, she just drops it and leaves it where it is. It's out of scope, and will be managed by the garbage collector...