English 2017-02

Submitted by kofa on Mon, 03/06/2017 - 20:38

Words from February, 2017 - most from Fool Moon: Book two of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher:

listless; lassitude; almanac; vaunt; scamper; antechamber; slat; perfunctory; pelt; bandana; falter; to buckle; diffident; ponderous; accoutrements; fallow (ground); blow a gasket; gawky; coltish; festoon; bracken; keen; dapper; cockamamie; crony; gullet; lout; flutter; hunker; snaggletoothed; spruce; reprieve; superficial; poplar; vale; hillock; surmount; to marshal; construe; patsy; wino; haggard; jaded; strumpet; abandon (noun); dun