English 2017-01

Submitted by kofa on Wed, 02/01/2017 - 21:09

Words from January, 2017 - some from Influence by Robert B. Cialdini, but most from Fool Moon: Book two of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, plus a few others picked up elsewhere:

privation; stymie; curtail; ardour; bilge; caustic; vituperous, vituperative; ad-lib; welsh, welch; petulant; vitreous; slag; quail; obnoxious; roil; macabre; go (in) cahoot(s) with; rescind; gangbanger; bum; complicity; cramped; raven/-ing/-ous; odious; forlorn; teeter; precarious; lambent; solemn; vindicate; drab; dingy; consternation; dismay; incongruous; contiguous; onerous; solicitous; avarice; forfeit; slob, -by, -bish/-ness; supine; valour; lickspittle; vindictive; snappy; nab; abet; huddle