English 2016.11-12

I've started working on my vocabulary again, using cram.com. Words from December, 2016 - mostly from the book Influence by Robert B. Cialdini:

Disassembling HotSpot-generated machine code

Finally I found the easy way to get the disassembler plugin working on my Linux box - simply follow the instructions at https://github.com/abak/openjdk-hsdis
The aim is to be able to follow the experiments published at https://psy-lob-saw.blogspot.com/ and https://shipilev.net/

Full-screen HD streaming video playback in Firefox on Linux

Video playback from HTML5 sources such as youtube, vimeo and vessel has been slow and choppy in Firefox, while they all worked well in Chrome (I'm on a slow, old box, the CPU is Core2 Duo, the video card is more recent, nVidia GTX650 with the binary drivers). Finally, I've found that Firefox 37 allowed me to play back everything at good speed and full resolution (1080p) at full screen with the following settings:

Darktable, OpenCL, nVidia, Ubuntu 14.04, Mint 17

Summarising the discussion on darktable-users mailing list (main contributors to the solution were Ulrich Pegelow and Federico Bruni): darktable lost access to OpenCL upon upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 ('trusty thar') or Linux Mint 17. Here's how to get it up to speed again.

Outlook/Office 2013 too bright, waste space

If you don't like how much screen estate is wasted, and how your eyes grow tired of the glaring white interface, check out the following links:

Unit testing with static dependencies, e.g. Logger

Or, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

A colleague of mine was recently writing a unit test. At one point, he wanted to determine what log message the component under test generated. The component was similar to this (source is on GitHub):

Using delaboratory for CMYK skin tone enhancement

One of the reasons to shoot raw is better control over colours, including white balance. I've been using Rawtherapee (www.rawtherapee.com) and darktable (www.darktable.org) on Linux to develop my raw photos. Unfortunately, neither of those tools support the CMYK colour space, which is considered by many to be a great tool for skin tone enhancement [reference needed]. This is where a surprisingly small and simple yet capable tool called delaboratory enteres the picture (pun intended).

How to test what an application writes to the console

Suppose you have to unit-test some Java code that writes to the console. Here's a way to do it:


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